Soil Care Management Platform
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Agricast is an agritech that develops devices based on the Internet of Things (IoT), focused on the Agriculture 4.0, ready to be embedded in agricultural machinery and that support farmers in making decisions regarding the care of their soil and planting, aiming at better operational performance and higher productivity per hectare.

Why does Agricast exist?

The soil sample analysis is a good statistical tool and so far was the most viable solution due to the non-scalability of integral analysis techniques of the area. That is, it was practically impossible to understand the soil health completely on large farms. In addition, the time taken for laboratory analysis does not allow quick decision making regarding soil care. Time is money and sampling is not necessarily the reality. Due to these identified operational gaps, mainly by feedback from farmers experiencing this operational challenge, Agricast introduces its main product, detailed below.


A low-cost, mobile, miniaturized, energy-efficient, IoT-based appliance embedded in tractors or harvesters, which collects soil parameters, estimating nutrients and moisture content, with the aid of Cloud Computing and makes them available for analysis through maps of fertility, humidity, etc., in the form of Heat Maps, in an Interactive Web Interface, in order to support the farmers, regardless of size and culture, to make the best decisions regarding the care of their productive field, maximizing its efficiency by a solution that exploits the technological state-of-the-art, result of the synergy between agronomic, electronic, computing and telecommunications engineering.


Agricast performs the hardware installation on agricultural machinery, its integration with IoT networks such as LoRaWAN ™ or NB-IoT (or even conventional second- to fourth-generation mobile networks), and its integration with the cloud platform, which receives, processes and makes available the information to the farmer through the Interactive Web Interface via Heat Maps. In addition, Agricast team trains the operators and performs an initial process of assisted operation, in view of transparency and fluidity in the processes of data collection and interpretation. After-sales service excellence is part of the solution. In this way, technical support through chat, e-mail, and telephone are available 8/5 for any doubt regarding the use of the embedded device, about the web platform for interacting with the collected data or for any other subject, such as connectivity issues and integration with legacy systems.